Grand View Manor Seniors Foundation

The GVM Seniors Foundation is the charitable arm of Kings County Senior Citizens Home also known as Grand View Manor. It is made up of a minimum of 7 people nominated, 1 representative from the Board of Directors of Grand View Manor and the Administrator of Grand View Manor.

Current Officers and Directors:

Chair George Moody Retired Teacher/Politician
Vice Chair Eric Sturk Solicitor
Treasurer Rob Graham Retired Bank Manager
Secretary Jorge Van Slyke Administrator, GVM
Recording Sec. Lisa Baltzer Nursing Clerical, GVM
Director Charles Fraser Retired
Director Brian Bethune Retired Insurance Agent
Director Larry MacDonald Board Member, GVM
Director Betty Woodworth Retired DOC, GVM
Director Dave Galley Retired Van Driver, GVM
Director Graham Hardy

Retired Administrator, GVM

Director Marilyn Howlett  


Golf Committee Chair - George Moody
Bursary Committee Chair - Charles Fraser
Nominating Committee Chair - Dave Galley