Programs & Services

Recreation and Volunteer Services

Recreational services at Grand View Manor are provided by five staff members: the Manager of Recreation and Volunteer Services, three full time Recreational Programmers (one of whom provides music therapy) and one full time Van Driver/Recreation Assistant. The recreation team meets once a week to discuss residents’ goals as they pertain to recreation, evaluates programs, and plan for upcoming events.

Programming is based on residents’ needs, which are established through the completion of leisure assessments, and the on-going evaluation of resident participation in programs.  The leisure assessments contain information about the resident’s physical and cognitive abilities as well as information pertaining to their    social history (former occupation, former places of residence, past interests/ hobbies/ organizational memberships). Information for the assessments is obtained via personal interviews with the residents, discussion with family members, and through observation. The assessments are used to target appropriate residents for various recreational programs and to plan/ implement meaningful one-on-one interactions.

Programs are designed to meet resident needs in the cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical domains, and are adapted to maximize accessibility.

Laundry Service

There are 11 employees in our department. We work 7 days per week including holidays 7 a.m - 3 p.m. We do labeling and laundry for 142 residents, Activity, Hairdressing, Kitchen, and Physiotherapy Departments.

To avoid loss of your loved ones belongings, please send all new items of clothing, blankets, etc.. to the laundry to be marked. Christmas gifts can be marked in advanced if you want to bring them in ahead of time.

Please keep in mind that delicate items, such as wool and silk are not suitable for our facility.

Maintenance Service

Our maintenance department has 3 staff. Alan Wagner, who has been here for almost 24 years and knows every nook and cranny of the Manor. He comes with a very high knowledge and the ability to do what it takes to keep our facility going. Greg Lee has been here a little over 2 ½ years. Greg is an electrician by trade and also looks after the ground   duties. John Bigelow, Director of Support Services has been here a little over 2 years with a background as a Stationary Engineer and supervisor at Larsen’s

 We work 8-hour shifts and each maintenance staff is on-call on a 3 week rotation. Our work duties include everything that involves building and ground maintenance. The only area we contract out is the salting of the parking lots, roof repair and the repair of highly technical kitchen/laundry equipment. We do receive throughout the year help from volunteers to maintain the garden and other miscellaneous jobs.


The physiotherapy department operates Monday to Friday staffing a physiotherapy assistant full time and the physiotherapist works two days a week providing direction to the physiotherapy assistant. Physiotherapy is primarily directed at maintaining or improving a person’s mobility where possible. Mobility encompasses walking, moving in a wheelchair or even in bed. At times, treatment is aimed at those who have sustained a fracture or had a stroke. The Physiotherapy service is also responsible for Transfer/Lift determination when a resident is admitted or a status change has been identified. Along with the Occupational Therapist, the physiotherapist and the physiotherapy   assistant leads the Resident Mobility Advocates subcommittee. This is a collaborative multi-disciplinary group whose goal is to collectively address various aspects of a resident’s mobility. This includes walking, wheeling, transfer/lift and fall prevention/management. The physiotherapy staff enjoy offering group sessions as the caseload and space permit.

Occupational Therapy Department

OT provides seating and mobility assessments so that residents can have suitable wheelchairs to promote as much wheelchair mobility and safe positioning as possible. OT also assists nursing with skin integrity issues by prescribing specialty mattress to help  relieve pressure and promote healing as possible. Most of the funding for this equipment is with the Red Cross H.E.L.P. program but will also assist with funding applications through Veterans Affairs, and private insurance companies such as Blue Cross, Sunlife, etc.

Housekeeping Services

The housekeeping department employs 9 full time and 14 part time/casual staff.   Housekeeping services provide staffing 7 days a week with two shifts: 6:50 am to 2:50 pm and 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.  Orchard View Apartments are staffed Monday to Friday with one full time and 1 part time staff member. Fundy Villa Apartments are staffed Tuesday to Friday with two Part time staff members. Hallways and common areas are the responsibility of 1 employee 8 days per month

Chaplaincy Services

Reverend Sarah Scott provides chaplaincy/spiritual services to residents and tenants of Grand View Manor, Orchard View, and Fundy Villa. She works two days a week in addition to doing the Sunday Service. She has also extended her services to staff by giving access to her library of inspiring literature and selecting “Books of the Week”. The spiritual component of care is part of our holistic approach to serving our residents  and tenants.

Food Service/Dietary Services

We have a full time food service manager, 13 full time and 9 part time food service   workers, and a clinical dietitian 4 days a week.

We provide 3 meals daily, following an 8-week menu cycle.  Meal times are 8 a.m. for breakfast, 12 noon dinner and 5 p.m supper.  Fluids are offered between meals by nursing staff as well as an evening snack provided by the kitchen.  At the noon meal, over 250 meals are served, including residents, apartment tenants and staff. Meals can be purchased by family members with at least 2 hours’ notice (nursing unit or main kitchen) at the cost of $7.00 per meal, limited to two guests per resident. Holiday meals are offered at a cost of $10.00 for Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas supper, and $15.00 for Christmas dinner. Pre-booking for these meals is required on each nursing unit via a sign up list.  As well, a complimentary meal may be provided for one family member on a palliative care basis, when arranged with the nurse manager on the unit.

We would like to make you aware that we have a food safety policy on food brought in for residents from external sources.  Raw or uncooked, or unpasteurized foods are not permitted.  This policy includes perishable/potentially hazardous foods containing meat, fish, eggs, milk, pasta, rice, sandwiches, etc. which must be dated and labeled with the resident’s name, and given to nursing staff, to be refrigerated and used at the next    available meal.  Foods being transported to Grand View Manor, should not be at room    temperature for more than 2 hours, and should be kept on ice, in an insulated container.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the menu or individual concerns regarding a family member and their diet, please contact Judy Rockwell, Food Service Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Linda Davidson, Clinical Dietitian (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 3:30. We are responsible to do the hair of residents of GVM,   Orchard View Apartments, and Fundy Villa. There are two full time hair   dressers on staff. This service is operated by GVM and is closed on    Holidays and weekends.

Nursing Services

By Beth Hakkert, Director of Care

Nursing staff form the largest department in the Manor. Presently there are 3 Nurse Managers, 13 RN Supervisors, 26 LPN’s and 87 CCA’s actively employed. There are approximately 10 – 12 RN/LPN students who help us out during weekends, summer and other school breaks. This seems like a very large number of people but when you have to provide care to 142 residents 24- hours a day 7 days a week there are times when even these numbers are barely adequate. I have always strived to select staff who can meet our standards of providing the best care possible to our residents as well as supporting their families in any way necessary to make this sometimes difficult experience the best it can be.

Tina Ruggles is our Assistant Director of Care. She is the person from GVM who initially meets the perspective resident and their family, providing them with valuable information to help them in the transition and assessing their suitability for the bed which is available. She liaises with  DOHW Placement Office and co-ordinates all admissions to the Manor. Her other duties include support to nursing staff on the units, ordering nursing supplies, coordinating in-services and liaising with    outside partners i.e.: pharmacy, acute care and other Long Term Care facilities.

Danielle Henri’s position as Risk Manager includes Infection Control, Occupational Health & Safety and managing Workers’ Compensation claims. She coordinates annual flu immunizations for both residents and staff. In the case of an outbreak Danielle is the person on whom we all depend to lead us through it with the least possible spread of the infection and disruption to our residents’ lives. Danielle also does any internal investigations that may be needed.

Nursing in Long Term Care is hard work both physically and emotionally. Staff  need to be aware of this, and ask for help when they need it. Few people who have not worked in LTC or had a family member as a resident realize this. The majority of residents who come to our Home require high levels of care. Because many of our residents live with us for long periods of time, our staff build relationships with them and therefore often feel a deep sense of loss when a resident passes away.

I am proud to have worked at GVM for 27½ years, 8½ years in my present position. I would not do so if I did not feel we were meeting the needs of our residents and families to the best of our abilities as well as being a great employer to our staff. GVM continues to have a great reputation for providing high quality care to our residents and many, many people still choose to call GVM their home, despite all the new up-to-date facilities in the area. People still want to work here and enjoy the benefits the Manor provides. I think the length of employment of many staff attests to this. I believe GVM has the best nursing team we could have and that we all have to continue to work    together to maintain the level of services we provide. We need to celebrate each other for our successes and support each other through the rough times. A sincere thank you to each of you for all you do every day!

“Teamwork – to make the most of our potential and to encourage those around us to do the same.”

Recreation Department

Recreational services at Grand View Manor are provided by five staff members: the Manager of Recreation and Volunteer Services, three full time Recreational Programmers (one of whom provides music therapy) and one full time Recreation Assistant/Driver.

Recreational programs are designed to meet residents’ needs in the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual realms. Spiritual programs, including the regular Sunday Service and weekly Bible Study, are coordinated by the Chaplain. The needs and interests of the residents are established through the completion of an initial assessment upon admission and on-going evaluation of resident participation in programs. The assessments are used to target appropriate residents for large and small group activities and to plan and implement meaningful one-on-one interactions. Some of the regular weekly programs offered include:

  • Exercise Classes
  • Bowling
  • Bingo
  • Trivia Games
  • Baking
  • Painting/Crafts
  • Hymn Sings
  • Shuffleboard
  • Card Parties
  • Chime Choir
  • Music therapy – The Music Therapist conducts planned sessions with individuals or groups where music is used to facilitate expression – cognitively, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or socially. Different music therapy techniques used are: sing a-longs, music games, instrument playing and performing as well as other forms of music expression.

We also hold a number of special events throughout the year including themed holiday parties, dances, and dinners, and programs put on by school, church, and community groups. The availability of the Grand View Manor Bus allows us to participate in community events as well as take shopping trips and sight- seeing excursions.

A monthly calendar, as well as a more detailed weekly schedule is posted on each unit, as well as on the main bulletin board. Family members are always welcome to attend recreational programs with their loved one. The Recreation Room is also available for private family functions (i.e. birthday parties, anniversary celebrations) and may be booked by contacting the recreation department.