Resident Quality Improvement Team

(replaced policy and standards committee)

Continuous improvement to the delivery of resident focused care is the primary goal. To develop and put into practice resident centered initiatives that will improve the daily lives of our residents.


  • Interdisciplinary team involvement as required (ad hoc) for a given project.
  • Identification of problems and barriers to quality delivery of care.
  • Measurement of outcomes to determine if changes are appropriate and have a positive result for our residents and are balanced with the realistic ability of care staff to implement the initiative.
  • .To formalize current practices that we already have in place in a more proper ‘procedure’ (oppose to a policy) so that all staff on all nursing units are on board with delivering the same standard of care.


Chair: Danielle Henri
Small working group consisting of Lynn DeMille-Hebb and Diane Mair. We will involve other members of the care team as needed.

2nd Tuesday of the month @2:00 (can change to accommodate Lynn’s schedule)

Relevant Information:
The team will meet monthly to discuss and develop initiatives that will improve delivery of care to our residents. Projects will be based in best practice recommendations when possible and available. It would not be beyond our scope to propose our own GVM based ‘best practice’ guidelines based on what works and has been successful within our organization.