Resident Mobility Committee


Goal: To enhance resident mobility through use of leading best practices within a collaborative interdisciplinary process.

Objectives: To achieve above we will explore five areas of practice:

  • Falls Prevention
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Through Occurrence Reporting
  • Lift / Transfers
  • Ambulation and assisted mobility
  • Staff Education

Terms of Membership: A representative from each discipline providing care for our residents will meet on a regular basis for organized and action based discussion for each area of practice, previously identified starting with falls prevention.

Membership will include representatives from the following disciplines:

Assistant Director of Care
R.N. Managers
Occupational Therapist
Physiotherapy Assistant

Frequency: We will meet once per month between 11am-12pm (1 hr. duration) on the first Thursday of each month. There will be ongoing collection of research data to share with group members and any interested staff as well as information on falls prevention practices.