GVM Newsletter Committee


Committee Members: Shirley Ritchie, Janet Carter, Doug Hale (resident), Helen Brown (family member) Annie Lonergan (resident), Jean West (family member)

Goal: To provide an avenue of expression for information and interesting topics relating to Residents, Family, Volunteers, and Staff.

Mandate: To produce a newsletter twice a year – June & November.


  1. To provide information on events which are coming up at GVM.
  2. To provide reviews of events, take suggestions, relay compliments.
  3. To have departmental columns to let others know what you do in your department.
  4. To provide a creative outlet for residents through columns written by residents.
  5. To provide a family focused column with helpful suggestions and facilitate support.
  6. To provide a spiritual perspective column.

Click HERE to access our newsletter "MANOR MATTERS" issues.