Fundy Villa

Fundy Villa is a 40-Unit Enriched Housing, located at 108 Commercial Street, Berwick, Nova Scotia. It provides apartments for independent tenants with rents based on income. Various services from the attached nursing home, Grand View Manor, are provided for a fee. Enriched housing serves seniors who require some ongoing support services to remain in their own apartment.

Application may be made through Annapolis Valley Housing Authority.

Please call 1-800-564-3483.

Requirements To Qualify

  • 58 Years of age and over.
  • Need long term assistance in daily living.
  • Present housing is inadequate or inappropriate.
  • Resident of Kings County.
  • Prospective tenants must require and agree to pay for some of the following services:
    • Meals
    • Personal Care
    • Medications
    • Housekeeping/Laundry
  • Tenant Selection is made by the Housing Authority following an interview by Housing and the GVM Director of Care.

Outline of the Services Provided

I. Nursing/Personal Care:

An LPN (licenced practical nurse) is available to tenants from 8am - 4pm, for assistance with medications and activities of daily living. Tub baths provided by a CCA.

II. Emergencies:

Nursing Staff of GVM will respond to emergency calls.

III. Housekeeping:

Laundry and cleaning services are available to all tenants on a daily/weekly basis.

Rates For Services

Admin Fee*------------*$48/mnth
LPN --------------------- $32.00/hr
RN----------------------- $42.00/hr
HK/Laundry----------- $22.00/hr
Medications------------ $4.00/pass
Meals ------------------- $ 5.50/ea
Tray Delivery --------- $ 4.50/tray
Bath -------------------- $18/bath
Alert systems----------* $15.00/mnth
Blood work------------ $15.00/ea
**All prices are subject to change

Rent Calculation

Rent is based on a percentage of your total gross family income, from all sources, which includes:

All wages | All pensions | All revenues


  • Mail boxes for each apartment are located by the main office. Mail is delivered Monday to Friday at approximately 9:30am.
  • Meal tickets can be purchased from the LPN office.
  • Alert pendants may be obtained by applying at the LPN office.
  • Baths are given Monday to Friday between 7am & 11am. The CCA will follow a schedule. Tenants must supply their own toiletries, face cloth and towels.
  • Medications: Residents will be billed by Pharmacy for co-pay on medications.
  • Fundy Villa nursing staff are not permitted to enter a tenant's apartment if they are not at home, unless a permission slip has been signed.
  • The Fundy Villa main entrance door is locked by GVM staff at 9 pm and opened at 6 am. If you are returning to your apartment after 9 pm you must use GVM front door.
  • Tenants may use washers and dryers after 4 pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends.
  • Notify the LPN of any medical appointments or if tenant will be out overnight.
  • Please notify the LPN office when an apartment is being emptied. Any garbage at the time of moving must be sorted.

Meal times:

Breakfast: 8am
Dinner: 12:30 pm
Supper: 5:15 pm

In case of a power failure:

No candles or oil lamps are permitted. Have a working flashlight on hand. There will be lights in the corridor as a result of the generator.

At Christmas time, only artificial Christmas trees are permitted.